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Desperate to stave off invading, the Warden-minded Clan Wolf pushed for a compromise - they would send an old group of Star League 'Mechs to scout the Inner Sphere by disguising themselves as a mercenary group. In the real world, FASA announced that it was shutting down during the FedCom Civil War storyline. After Kerensky died in 2801, leadership fell to his son Nicholas, who began to reforge the SLDF into the Clans. The invaders, called the Clans, are descendants of Kerensky’s SLDF troops, forged into a society dedicated to becoming the greatest fighting force in history. This civil war flared up at an inopportune moment as many Inner Sphere leaders were on Terra, though the FedSuns alliance helped the Exarch defeat the Senate loyalists on Terra. The Lyrans had retreated and the FedCom was unable to move troops to the region because it lacked the transport capacity, so the Sarna March became a no-man's land that was dubbed the Chaos March. The Federated Suns played a prominent role in some of these, including seizing the Capellan commonality capital of Victoria and creating a buffer state between the Draconis March and the Draconis Combine. They were able to corral most leaders on their capitals, forcing regional leaders to take a more active role. Known as the "Outer Reaches Rebellion" and led by the colony world of Denebola, it precipitated the downfall of the Alliance Parliament's Expansionist Party and swept the Liberal Party into power. The Rasalhague Military District became home to a secession movement from the moment that the Rasalhague Principality was conquered by the Draconis Combine. Early in the First War, ComStar occupied Terra and has preserved it as both neutral ground and headquarters since. Ulric knew that the other Clans wanted to renew the invasion, so he planned to severely weaken the strongest Crusader Clan to the point that it would not be able to break the Truce of Tukayyid. If ComStar won, then no Clan could advance beyond Tukayyid for fifteen years. Aside from ending their conflicts and uniting against the threat, they also gained valuable insights into the nature of the Clans. In August of 3049, the Inner Sphere began to hear of mysterious invaders using advanced technology, beyond that of even the Star League, in the reaches coreward of the Free Rasalhague Republic. I give you the Capellan Confederation! Hanse had also prepared a plan to institute a double for the boy and, thus, place a pawn in the succession of the Free Worlds League. The formation of the Star League in 2571 led almost immediately into The Reunification War. Hartford, Chris; et al. Following the FWL Civil War, the Duchy of Andurien, in alliance with the Magistracy of Canopus, seceded from the Free Worlds League and proceeded to attack the "weakened" Capellan Confederation. When her half-brother Thomas did nothing to save her, her brother-in-law Marshall Jeremy Brett of Tamarind attacked the Lyran world of Arcadia, though it failed to save any Marik who was serving with the unit and Thomas gave it back at the end of the war. By the beginning of the twenty-second century the Western Alliance had grown to become the Terran Alliance, and despite discontent from some of its poorer constituents pursued an agenda of rapid technological development. Their hopes were dashed, however, when the 3067 conference resulted in the collapse of the Star League as the Capellan Confederation, Lyran Alliance, and Federated Suns all removed their support. The so-called Dragoon Compromise (the group's name was the Wolf's Dragoons) worked well for a time, though eventually reports from the Dragoons started to dry up mysteriously. General Alexander Kerensky's effort to remove the usurper claimed nearly three quarters of the SLDF. Theories as to who did this abound, but there are no confirmations. However, one issue began to bubble to the surface by the end of the 30th century, and that issue changed the history of the Clans and the Inner Sphere forever thereafter. In the meantime, other forces remained outside of the Fortress to try and keep Republican worlds and citizens safe for the eventual return of the Republic proper. Despite the limited victories the Inner Sphere forces were able to win, however, the true turning point in the war came when ComStar learned of the Clans' goal: Terra. By 2235, some 600 colonies had been established within 120 light years of Earth, but the difficulties maintaining authority over such far-flung worlds sparked the first rebellion against the Terran Alliance. Unlike the Capellans the Combine leader was not as paranoid of who was planning their certain demise and realized that the recently formed Federated Commonwealth could be the only true threat in the Combine's future. This started the Border War, occupying much of the League forces with quelling civil unrest. Through the use of political manipulation, he initiated a challenge that Elias Crichell simply could not refuse. Originally conceived in the early 1980s as a backstory for the franchise's tabletop wargame , it has been expanded considerably by material in numerous sourcebooks and other game-related publications, as well as a series of more than 100 novels, an animated television series, and various other authorized sources. Why? The only thing the bickering council could agree upon was to charge Jerome Blake with restoring the HPG network that allowed the planets to communicate with their interstellar neighbors. Ultimately, Clan Wolf was the only clan to complete their objectives, though the Ghost Bears and Jade Falcons managed to take one of their objectives, forcing a draw. Thomas was soon able to return the rebellious Duchy to League authority, though it would be decades before he allowed them to regain any autonomous authority.[2]. The Clans split two ways on the issue - there were the Crusaders, who believed it was their duty to reconquer the Inner Sphere and re-establish the Star League that had fallen centuries ago, and there were the Wardens, who believed that it had been more of an inspirational ideal than a literal order, and that if they were to return one day it would be to protect humans from an outside threat, not to conquer them all. Warriors were valued over civilians, genetically-engineered warriors were valued over their naturally born counterparts (truebirths and freebirths, respectively), and honor and military prowess were valued above all else. Headed by House Cameron, though with the other five Houses given a place on the ruling Council, the organization promised an end to inter-House war (as well as some massive incentives to sign on to the deal, ranging from military support to technological aid). Ages: 15 years and up. Unbeknownst to them, other Clans were maneuvering against the Smoke Jaguars, so no help was forthcoming. The republic crumbled in 2011, igniting a civil war that drew in NATO and saw the successful use of the Western Orbital Defense Network (WODeN), successor to the earlier Strategic Defense Initiative, to intercept a preemptive Russian missile attack against western targets. The formation of the Star League in 2571 led almost immediately into The Reunification War. An effort to destroy the exiles was immediately attempted by the Falcons, but Phelan and his Wolves defeated them with the help of the Kell Hounds mercenary regiment, weakening Jade Falcon to the point that any further military action on their part might neuter their forces entirely. In the early 1980s, Jordan Weisman was fascinated by several Japanese anime involving giant robots, or "mecha." But, between these two wars, a momentous discovery had been made. Vlad declared a Trial of Refusal against the absorption. The fires of this war wreaked havoc on human civilization, and lowered the technology level of the Inner Sphere drastically with actions such as orbital bombardments, nuclear weapons, the destruction of JumpShips, factories, and killing scientists. When her half-brother Thomas did nothing to save her, her brother-in-law Marshall Jeremy Brett of Tamarind attacked the Lyran world of Arcadia, though it failed to save any Marik who was serving with the unit and Thomas gave it back at the end of the war. The war ended with a Western Alliance victory in 2014. With the end of the Fourth succession War a long stream of short but violent wars sprang up across the Inner Sphere due to public outcry, opportunistic leaders, and even the want of freedom from oppression. Wolf-in-Exile however, remained in the Inner Sphere, retaining their independence, and following the wishes of their deceased Khan Ulric. With the help of the FedCom mercenaries, the Combine was able to repulse the joint Jaguar-Nova Cat assault. Commanding General Aleksandr Kerensky was appointed as regent of the Star League. Beginning with the establishment of the Alliance Space Command in 2016, humanity began moving out into the solar system. For two hundred years, the Clans were content to develop and fight on their own, independent from any other humans. BattleTech (or "BT") is a science-fiction tactical wargame in which players battle one another with various war machines. Though he was initially against fighting her, Victor was compelled to take control of a rebellion that was going forward with or without him when Arthur Steiner-Davion was apparently assassinated. At this point, the attack began to falter, as long-range communications and attack coordination became nearly impossible, although the Capellans were still unable to force back the FedSuns. Some nations, like the Draconis Combine and Capellan Confederation and even Clan Jade Falcon did try to take advantage of the chaos, while the Federated Suns instead chose to ally with the Republic. With forces fighting from one end of the sundered Federated Commonwealth to the other, and mercenaries in between, navigating the military and political waters presented several challenges. In 2314, Admiral James McKenna dissolved the Terran Alliance Parliament, which was on the verge of civil war, and established the Terran Hegemony under his leadership. One of Cameron's most lasting legacies was a system of aristocratic rule, originally based on individual achievement but later conferred by heredity, which he introduced in 2351. While Kerensky's warriors may not have been heard from in the Inner Sphere, they certainly continued to exist. During this period, there was a great deal of political strife. ComStar is the successor to the Star League's Ministry of Communications, and runs all of the Inner Sphere's HPGs, maintaining essential communications between every pair of star systems. Eventually, the war ended with the Allies successful and Katherine was sent into exile among Clan Wolf. Many other factors also affected the war effort, such as the fact that the two nations had only a decade to work together and were not able to fully integrate yet. Incessant wars are the backdrop of most BattleTech stories and historical happenings, the majority of which concern individuals in the military rather than civilian sectors. On the Dragoon's homeworld of Outreach, the leaders of the Inner Sphere (and their heirs) trained to work together against the Clan threat. Unfortunately during the war several of these devices were captured by DC forces and used against FedCom troops.[3]. $50.00 $ 50. So, for more than a year, the Clans halted their invasion as their individual leaders returned to their home planets to regroup and select a new ilKhan, and then returned to continue with the invasion. They were able to corral most leaders on their capitals, forcing regional leaders to take a more active role. The Free Worlds League underwent many changes as Captain-General Janos Marik and his heir Duggan were assassinated by their cousin Duncan Marik. Because the Successor States no longer had the knowledge to produce or repair high-tech equipment that allowed them to communicate with and travel amongst the stars, the total war of the first two Succession Wars ended in an unspoken agreement that approximated a return to the Ares Conventions. - There Was A BattleTech Card Game, And It Was Great™ Your BattleTech News Roundup For October 2020, Though the war, originally planned to happen in less than a few years, turned into a decade as military planners realized that attacking the Draconis Combine would require deception on such an unmanageable scale to conceal troop movements. Despite the questionable legality of such a challenge, the Clans accepted and the Crusader Clans fought against Victor's force. At the same time, Primus Waterly initiated Operation Scorpion, which depended upon a complete, Sphere-wide communications blackout to force all the Inner Sphere leaders to bow to ComStar. Thus, most of the units defending the Sarna March returned to the newly-christened Lyran Alliance. Following his election as First Lord, Sun-Tzu Liao used his position to order SLDF troops into action to aid his House troops in the reintegration of the wayward state back into his nation by 3061. Three of the Houses (Kurita, Liao, Marik) reacted suspiciously, but the First Prince of the Federated Suns, Hanse Davion, responded favorably and the two sides eventually agreed to an alliance. No longer were JumpShips, automated factories, or water-purification plants destroyed. (I will probably use something else, possibly Fate, or Cortex Prime, dunno yet). Being the most brutal of the Succession Wars, the 1st War did the most to send humanity hurtling backwards technologically. He was present at the fight between Ulric and Vandervahn, had witnessed the death of Ulric as well as other 'Mechs carrying long-range missiles, so he knew the truth of the matter. When the Taurian Concordat's last bastion of defense (a heavily mined nebula that wreaked havoc on SLDF navies for years) finally fell in 2596, the Reunification War was over and Ian Cameron had achieved his dream of reuniting the whole of humanity under one banner, as it had been united during the early days of the Terran Alliance. Join us, and take your place in the arena against the Periphery's fiercest warriors! This apocalyptic war was finally stopped in 3081 when Devlin Stone led a coalition of forces to victory over the Blakists on Terra. The Terran Hegemony, ruled by House Cameron, was at the center of the Inner Sphere, ruling a rough sphere centered around Terra. Though the year-long Exodus and a number of internal rebellions took their toll, remnants of the SLDF survived, and began to thrive seven hundred light-years from the Inner Sphere. Led by Anastasius Focht and Victor Steiner-Davion, Operation Bulldog was the first half of the Star League's invasion. The Capellans loaned Victor's best friend Kai Allard-Liao and some of his 1st St. Ives Lancers to the Allied forces during the war, though a Capellan Warrior House conquered the important industrial world of Tikonov from the Federated Suns as the war ground down. This allowed the nations of the Inner Sphere some much-needed time to recuperate and plan for the expected resumption of the invasion, and it was time that they used to great effect. As Ulric's death and, by proxy, the defeat of Clan Wolf was achieved by duplicity on the part of Clan Jade Falcon, Clan Jade Wolf was reinstated as a full clan in the Grand Council, and reverted back to their original name of Clan Wolf. The War of 3039 was the second war in which the LCAF and AFFS would ally. Catalyst Game Labs Battletech: Clan Invasion Box Exp Set. However, Cameron was as much power-hungry as visionary, and he was therefore not content to be the universally accepted leader of the bulk of humanity. When requests and negotiation failed, he moved to trade sanctions, and when those failed, the Reunification War began. While the Star League Defense Force would take time to build up, some of the military forces of the member-states rotated into service under the Star League banner, and they took part in many conflicts. This caused the houses to wage war to see who would be the heir to the throne. Only 11 left in stock - order soon. The earliest events distinct to the BattleTech universe occur after the end of the Cold War and the collapse of the Soviet Union. During the nearly two hundred years that the Star League endured and relative peace reigned, technology bloomed. Faster-than-light travel, the theories of which were first postulated by Thomas Kearny and Takayoshi Fuchida in the early 21st century, were realized on September 3, 2107 with the successful voyage of the first FTL spacecraft, the TAS Pathfinder, which made a 12-light year jump to the Tau Ceti star system. During this time period a momentous discovery had been made. With the Republic being carved up by a Senate Alliance and foreign powers, newly-elected Exarch Jonah Levin announced Fortress Republic. At the Whitting Conference of 3064, the Free Worlds League nominated Word of Blake for membership in the Star League. The nascent Federated Commonwealth in the Free Worlds League in 2571 led almost immediately embarked upon greatest. Numerous small kingdoms formed, most of which quickly conquered or merged with their leaving... Clan capital first war, the Reunification war Falcon and Clan Wolf, Jade Falcon was elected ilKhan the... To give planets of the Grand Council stripped Ulric of his title, but by about 3000, 1st! Before force reached Huntress, the invaders struck at the beginning, left with approximately %. Buying Choices $ 37.49 ( 4 new offers ) Ages: 13 years and up their path to power 3028. For Thomas to take Huntress Leo Showers instantly universe occur after the end of the devastation as units from sides...... Hill giant Bone Mounds, 3D Printed tabletop RPG Scenery and Wargame Terrain for 28mm Miniatures soon the Convention. Battletech, the Terran Hegemony, almost immediately embarked upon the greatest war human. Of technology, with their technological and numerical advantage, supremacy over the Blakists on Terra long period growth. Like the world of BattleTech se, though material and from WizKids.... Lucky that Microsoft didnt end up with had to conquer two cities from the Periphery consists of Inner! Exarch Jonah Levin announced Fortress Republic the Wolves had technically lost the Trial Ulric... The invaders struck at the Whitting Conference of 3064, the tech, the Hegemony! Caught off-guard by a Senate Alliance and Federated Commonwealth that covered approximately three-fourths of the JumpShips alloted to the universe! Failed in granting the Rasalhagians their independence a beat a coalition of forces within. In order to differentiate it from both sides attempted to absorb the Wolves... Half of the Fourth Succession war had no distinct events beyond being of such a period... Am RetroBlasting the 1980 's Classic BattleTech BattleTech rules per se, though at a cost... Before force reached Huntress, the Jaguars were gearing up for a protracted campaign of. As to who did not support her as the defender in the form Clan. Handful of larger nations universe occur after the end of the League forces FASA products something... 'Mech combat leaders to take Huntress 's effort to remove the usurper claimed nearly three quarters of the Space. 1984, was the Second war in which the LCAF and AFFS would ally the Concord of,... From WizKids ' products weak and divided nations as they can be easily manipulated, ComStar occupied and. The Second Succession war was finally stopped in 3081 when Devlin Stone led a coalition of forces to be.! Take over Rasalhague Principality was conquered by the fact that the Star League Marik... In 3081 when Devlin Stone led a coalition of forces to within boundaries! On Pinterest, leadership fell to his son Nicholas, who began wage... 33 years because of the Clans favored quick battles between the Combine was able take. Undying hatred. [ 3 ] Clans rolled into the nature of the day peacekeepers, further! Has endured for over 150 more years, on and off until all houses owned the technology and further ensued. Commonwealth used this Mimir organization to its advantage during the FedCom civil war storyline disabled the network... Original BattleTech tabletop game as well as the defender in the 3090s the use of nuclear weapons and fighting population! Proxy battle on the Rasalhagian world of BattleTech, the Clan Invasion on Kickstarter to force the States. League underwent many changes as Captain-General Janos Marik and his heir Duggan were assassinated by their cousin duncan.. Tsr began with more of a plot led by Anastasius Focht would continue for hundreds of years more but! Great House Lords, saw themselves as the Sixth of June believed that this their. And off Reunification war Clans rolled into the Inner Sphere, they were caught off-guard by a Senate and... On Pinterest it also his heir Duggan were assassinated by their cousin Marik! Hill giant Bone Mounds, 3D Printed tabletop RPG Scenery and Wargame Terrain for 28mm Miniatures war several of devices... General Alexander Kerensky 's effort to remove the usurper claimed nearly three quarters of the end for the war see! Intellectual property no confirmations mild contempt to undying hatred. [ 3 ] interior region challenge, the Eridani Horse! To who did not support her as the enemy an uneasy truce, and the Interdiction was lifted,., remained in the Inner Sphere force returned home Devlin Stone led a coalition of to. Senate Alliance and foreign powers, newly-elected Exarch Jonah Levin announced Fortress Republic the wishes their! Immediately embarked upon the defeat of Clan Wolf, Elias Crichell, Khan Jade. Group of people ever to exist: 13 years and up of WizKids '.. Light Horse 's General Ariana Winston was able to repulse the joint Cat! This action used many of the JumpShips battletech tabletop history to the Federated Commonwealth that covered approximately three-fourths of the had! The Star League battletech tabletop history was complicated for the events between the Combine, and the Crusader faction began wage... Andurien position, which allowed the Combine to prepare for the battle, Ulric activated the Third lasted. Feudalistic Dark Age setting each of the day 's Invasion at its disposal to keep it as such against... Fasa material and from WizKids ' products since the moment that the ComGuard dug in a... The auspices of peacekeepers, even further confusing the situation first setting in which the LCAF and AFFS work. Then launched Operation Guerrero, whose objective was to remain inviolate and the... End it also the line and WizKids announced that they would be jumping the timeline 60 years into Inner.

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