North Africa Renewable Energy Summit 2018


Overview of PV Projects Development in North Africa

North Africa governments have issued lots of solar tenders since last year, aiming to reaching the target of renewable energy development.


Pre-qualification process for selection of EPC contractors for Noor Altas Project – 200 MW scheme to deploy 7 PV plants in the size from 20-30 MW, investment around €130 million by the KfW and the European Investment Bank.


First 70 MW tender issued in May 2018, with totally six 10 MW solar parks and four 1 MW ground-mounted PV installations (around 6 MW planned capacity remained unallocated.)

Second 70 MW PV tender finalized in April, six 10 MW projects selected by five international companies and one consortium (10 MW remaining without any additional details.)

500 MW PV tender launched by May 2018. Tunisia has release a list of 16 prequalified developers for five PV including one 200 MW projects, 2 100 MW PV facilities and a 50 MW park.


In June 2018, Algerian government approved 200 MW of PV tenders, with around 150 MW in the frame of international call, and another 50 MW assigned to local state-owned power and gas utility Sonelgaz for several off-grid hybrid gas/diesel and solar projects.

Last November, Algeria has issued 150 MW solar tender to select IPP solar projects with a capacity range of 10-50 MW. Soon afterwards, Sonegalz has issued the tender of the remaining 50 MW of hybrid solar, which is for the development of off-grid hybrid gas/diesel and solar projects.



The largest PV plant in Egypt inaugurated in March 2018. The German firm ib vogt and Egypt’s Infinity Solar inaugurated first 64.1 MW PV farm in Aswan Governorate, the first phase of Egypt’s Benban solar park in Aswan, set to be largest in the world upon completion at 1.8 GW total capacity.

More Info

The 2nd North Africa Renewable Energy Summit will be held in Casablanca, Morocco, during June 24-25. This summit will facus on Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria & Egypt, covering the topics of CSP, PV, Wind and Energy Storage.

Edited by Karen Zhou